Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How to fold an Origami heart bookmark and Papertalk

Here's another Valentine's Day project you can do for your dearest. This one is relatively easy and with some fine work if you use a standard 15cm/6" piece of Origami paper.

Speaking of paper, there are several good places to order paper. Amazon is always a good bet and there are a few good deals, especially if you can get free shipping.

Here's a couple packs I think are a good deal and I also have them on my Amazon Wishlist.

I know an origamist who's lucky enough to live in Japan and she can go to any store, even 7/11 and get Origami papers when she needs to.

There are many different kinds of paper and we'll get into more as we move along.

For our next project, which will be one of the boxes, you'll again be using 6" square paper. You also need some tape for one section of this box. It just makes it easier to fold. Many origamists would cringe at the idea of using tape but it's not a codified law, especially when kusudamas, or Japanese medicine balls were sewn together AFTER they were folded!

Even in the origami world it can be serious business. I say too bad. Let's fold on.